Best cross platform framework for Mobile App Development

Important things to consider React Native for mobile apps:

High Development speed and Low cost:

You have to build app once using JavaScript, and It works on both Android and iOS which saves a lot of money rather developing separate apps for iOS(swift) and Android(Java).

High Performance:

React Native is easy to learn and efficient. App is compiled into native code, which enabled to work on both the operating systems and functions the same as both platforms with no issues. Other advantages of using React Native is faster development, reusability of components.

Great UI(User Interface):

We can split the UI into independent, reusable pieces called components. Great User Interface is possible because of components of React. As we can reuse components, there is no code duplication.

Easy to maintain code base:

As we write code in JavaScript only, we can have same code base for both android and iOS, 75–90% of the code is same for both android and iOS.

Large community:

React Native has large community to help. There are a lot of free and open source projects, which help to development. Own StyleSheets:

Big Companies using React Native:

Below Apps are developed using React Native.

Why Choose MicroPyramid for your Mobile App:

We started React Native development mid 2016. We developed 5+ real time mobile applications using React Native. Contact us for React Native development.

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