Difference between Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce Sales Cloud

What is Sales Cloud? Why is it different from Service Cloud?

Sales Cloud is one of the products of salesforce only. It helps to boost the company’s productivity level by providing efficient and reliable objects. These objects are campaign, leads, contact, and contract, as stated above.

Should I go for Salesforce in Sales Cloud or Salesforce in Service Cloud?

Firstly, one needs to understand what they want for their business. The overall sense of understanding is important as both the sales cloud and service clouds are the two different ends of salesforce. Sales Cloud is modular which deals with the marketing segments while service cloud gives you the real intention ratio for your market growth. None has forgotten the golden rule of the business ,Customer is the King.

Sales Cloud consists of the following features

Campaign: Campaign is all about storing the methodology via which one promotes their marketing demand and supply. One wants to promote their brand and so they will hold all the data regarding the same in this standard object.

Service Cloud consists of the following features

Agent Workspace: Various employees are assigned for the different rising queries of customers. An agent maintains the communication resultants from the services they provide.



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