Django and Django Rest Framework: Best Practices 2021

4 min readJun 24, 2021

Django is one such Rest API framework that has been continuously in the picture for its scalability, flexibility, and accountability. All our developers rely on the ‘Python’ language of intelligence while coding and scripting because best remains best always.

Let us understand “Django” in depth.

What is Django? What’s the use of it in the Software and IT development sector?

Firstly! Django is a toolkit that is used to prepare web API. There are lots of developers like web browsing developers, web server developers and so are the web API developers.

To understand the very interface of Application programming [API], one needs to know that an API interacts and deals professionally between two parties. You can also consider it a true and genuine third digital party. Hence, a developer is responsible to build that particular ‘web API’ for each company and enterprises. To maintain the loyalty and proficiency of ‘no cheating/ black marketing/ hoarding; an API is created. The very API is systematic in its working progress as it doesn’t reveal all the facts to any of the parties.

Any online business which wants to enhance and expand for the longer term, it must build “TRUST” with the other business/ enterprise. And the trust enabling data is what we get from API uses. Moreover, the API has several coding that also confirms the online buyer or the seller to be genuine and not the fraud one. For example, You proceed with the selection of seats for a flight ticket. You will see the links instructed to follow ahead for the booking. Yes! This link is created by API. The information reaches it, then it proceeds with the other data to check if the following selected seat by the buyer is available or sold out. And then accordingly it processes step by step working on it.

The very beneficial fact here is that, neither the buyer is directly contacting the seller/ service provider. And this is the reason how great and bigger brands expand themselves. Like a share, they do have certain dealings with retailers/ service providers of the lesser-known community as well as locations. You can very well consider the example of Amazon, even though it has started Paytm link up booking for movies/ flights/ dominos and a few others.

Now, you must have understood the working of Django and its importance in today’s advancing world. Bigger companies like MNC all over the world are dependable on superior toolkits like Django.

Why only Django? Why not others?

As every creation in this competitive world is a unique one, so is Django. Through Django, you can create dynamic websites along with statistics. We already know that some API is created for a highly confidential and private purpose and some are always readily available in the public domain.

The main concepts of Django and REST framework are

  • Model classes provide an object-relational map (ORM) for the underlying database. A model is mapped to a table in the database. You can query the databases without any SQL programming. With models, it’s easy to define tables and relationships between them.
  • Views are in charge of the process of requests. They function as controllers. You can implement them in many ways, such as functions or classes.
  • Serializer classes provide control of data types and structures of requests and responses. I like to define them as interfaces for the backend of the web app.
  • Templates are files with static and dynamic content. They’re made up of some static code and other elements that depend on the context.

Here are some of the best practices to follow when you are using Django for development:

  1. Scaffolding and configuration structure: Any person who is new to development can easily create an application with ease using django’s framework. It is vital to create a structure that is easy to maintain and reuse it whenever required.Whenever you use Django, it generates a file which contains all the details related to the project.So it is advised not to make any changes in the main settings file and generate new files for different environments.

2. One Project,Multiple apps: there might be a lot of applications in a single django project. An app is a collection of sets of related functions and models.It is a good practice to maintain an order and define locations for standard functions. There is an application called api, using which you can define the routing of the other applications in the ma9in application folder.

3. ViewSet: Viewset is the most important component to view API’s in Django’s models. Regular views in django act as a handler for HTTP requests,viewsets provide you with options like create or list.The best feature about viewsets is that they make the code consistent and repetition can be avoided.

4. Generic views: Django framework has a feature called generic views that eases the functions and tasks that are related to models.SOme o the functions include retrieving data,creating and destroying lists.The only thing that you have to do is define the class view as a child of generic view. The rest is done by the framework.

5. Customize functions: The generic views that are provided in the django documentations lists a variety of functions such as ListAPIView,CreateAPIView,RetreiveAPIVIew,RetrieveDestroyAPIView. But if you are looking to customize the views you can redefine get, post, put, delete, and other methods. You can also use the mixins to redefine the methods and specific functions like create, update, destroy, and others.

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Summary: There are many more tips and tricks that can be used in developing applications using Django. These are some of the tips that have to be followed for both beginner and advanced developers.




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