Django and Django Rest Framework: Best Practices 2021

  • Model classes provide an object-relational map (ORM) for the underlying database. A model is mapped to a table in the database. You can query the databases without any SQL programming. With models, it’s easy to define tables and relationships between them.
  • Views are in charge of the process of requests. They function as controllers. You can implement them in many ways, such as functions or classes.
  • Serializer classes provide control of data types and structures of requests and responses. I like to define them as interfaces for the backend of the web app.
  • Templates are files with static and dynamic content. They’re made up of some static code and other elements that depend on the context.
  1. Scaffolding and configuration structure: Any person who is new to development can easily create an application with ease using django’s framework. It is vital to create a structure that is easy to maintain and reuse it whenever required.Whenever you use Django, it generates a file which contains all the details related to the project.So it is advised not to make any changes in the main settings file and generate new files for different environments.



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