Google Analytics Graphs to your Dashboard in Python Web Frameworks


from oauth2client.client import SignedJwtAssertionCredentials
import json
def get_access_token():
''' Get Access Token From GOOGLE'''
SCOPE = ''
KEY_FILEPATH = <location to key file>
with open(KEY_FILEPATH) as key_file:
key_data = json.load(key_file)
credentials = SignedJwtAssertionCredentials(
key_data['client_email'], key_data['private_key'], SCOPE)
return credentials.get_access_token().access_token


//script to load analytics
//script to show graphs
<script> {{
'serverAuth': {
'access_token': "{{google_access_token}}"
var dataChart1 = new{
query: {
'ids': '{{google_userid}}',
'start-date': '30daysAgo',
'end-date': 'today',
'metrics': 'ga:sessions',
'dimensions': 'ga:date',
'sort': '-ga:date'
chart: {
'container': 'chart-1-container',
'type': 'LINE',
'options': {
'width': '100%'
//To change when selectbox value is changed$("#chart-1").change(function(){
dataChart1.set({query: {"start-date": $("#chart-1").val()}, chart:{"type":$("#chart-type-1").val()}})
dataChart1.set({query: {"start-date": $("#chart-1").val()}, chart:{"type":$("#chart-type-1").val()}})


<div class='col-md-12 graph_wrap'>
<span>Users Sessions</span>
# select box to change type of graph
<span class="col-md-4 select_box">
<select id="chart-type-1">
<option value="LINE">Line</option>
<option value="COLUMN">Column</option>
<option value="TABLE">Table</option>
# select box to switch between 1 week and 1 month
<span class="col-md-4 select_box">
<select id="chart-1">
<option value="30daysAgo">Last 30 Days</option>
<option value="7daysAgo">Last 7 Days</option>
<div class="clearfix"></div>
<div id="chart-1-container"></div>

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Python, Django, Android and IOS, reactjs, react-native, AWS, Salesforce consulting & development company

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Python, Django, Android and IOS, reactjs, react-native, AWS, Salesforce consulting & development company

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