New and Upcoming Features of Salesforce Sales Cloud

  1. Salesforce Meetings: Salesforce meetings is one of the most used features of sales cloud 360. Salesforce meetings make the virtual meetings more interactive by giving a 360 view of all the attendees on one screen. Apart from this one can view the pending tasks of a person (if assigned) and also know about the bio of any person who is present in the meeting.Once the meeting gets over,the salesperson can schedule the follow up meeting immediately or create any new contact of the decision maker.
  2. Pipeline Inspection: Pipeline inspection uses AI to gain insights about the performance of the employees of a particular project and also provides information if any external support is required for a particular week.Pipeline inspection also provides great insights and comparison of weeks and also gives information about scope of improvement in the whole pipeline.
  3. Sales Accountability: As everything has become virtual, the number of interactions between salesperson and the lead is reduced. Salesforce sales cloud provides some features that helps sales managers to track the leads performance and helps them to decide the next course of action. As this data is visible to the whole team, this helps in building trust within the team.
  4. Einstein Conversation: Einstein conversation analyzes the voice and generates transcripts to analyze trending keywords, such as product names or types of interactions that usually take place.Using this data the team manager can get information about the customer needs and also have a better understanding of the problems faced by the salesperson. With this data the manager can give 1 on 1 coaching to the team members to provide better support to the customer.
  • As the sales will be more data driven ,with AI powered dashboards team managers can have all the information on their fingertips to plan and take the next step of action.
  • With tools like tableau business intelligence, the teams can track and analyze all the data right from lead generation and make faster and smart decisions without waiting for a data analyst or data scientist to give information.
  • With features like Einstein scoring, a salesperson can get information about the likelihood of closing a deal. This tool also shows the factors that have contributed in closing the deal- both the positive and negative factors.





Python, Django, Android and IOS, reactjs, react-native, AWS, Salesforce consulting & development company

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Python, Django, Android and IOS, reactjs, react-native, AWS, Salesforce consulting & development company

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