React Component Lifecycle methods

Lifecycle methods for Mounting Component to DOM:

constructor(props) {        this.state = {             count: 0        };    }

Lifecycle methods for Updating Component state/props:

componentWillReceiveProps(nextProps){        if (JSON.stringify(this.props.month) !== JSON.stringify(nextProps.month)){            // component recived new props.        }    }
shouldComponentUpdate(nextProps, nextState){        // return a boolean value        return true;    }
import React, { Component } from 'react';class Lifecycle extends Component {    constructor(props) {        console.log('constructor called')        super(props);        this.state = {             count: 0        };        this.Add = this.Add.bind(this);        this.Remove = this.Remove.bind(this);    }    componentWillMount(){        console.log('componentWillMount called')    }    componentDidMount() {        console.log('componentDidMount called')    }    Add(){        this.setState({count: this.state.count + 1})    }    Remove(){        this.setState({count: this.state.count - 1})    }    componentWillReceiveProps(){        console.log('componentWillReceiveProps called')    }    shouldComponentUpdate(){        console.log('shouldComponentUpdate called');        return true    }    componentWillUpdate(){        console.log('componentWillUpdate called')    }    componentDidUpdate(){        console.log('componentDidUpdate called');    }    render() {        console.log('render called');        return (            <div>                <div>                    <h1>{this.state.count}</h1>                </div>                <button onClick={this.Add}>                    <span>+(Add)</span>                </button>                <button onClick={this.Remove}>                    <span>-(Remove)</span>                </button>            </div>        );    }}
// Console Output:constructor calledcomponentWillMount calledrender calledcomponentDidMount called
// console Output:shouldComponentUpdate calledcomponentWillUpdate calledrender calledcomponentDidUpdate called

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Python, Django, Android and IOS, reactjs, react-native, AWS, Salesforce consulting & development company

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Python, Django, Android and IOS, reactjs, react-native, AWS, Salesforce consulting & development company

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