Salesforce Einstein Analytics: Why Businesses of Every Size Opting this Technology?

5 min readJul 8, 2021


Technological development has reached a significant peak over the last decade, with new life-changing innovations introduced in every sector. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one such invention that has transformed the conventional method of doing business, among other things. Because of these technologies, data has become the crucial element for running any business, and proper analysis of the data can provide organizations insights for increasing their customer base and business productivity. Collecting big data alone will not help the company to succeed. But having a tool that can store, analyze, extract valuable and actionable insight from various digital information available in real-time can help businesses reach the top of the game in no time.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics is the cloud-based analytical platform used for getting powerful and actionable business insights through data exploration and visualization from various places. The tool utilizes the full potential of AI, Machine Learning (ML), deep learning, predictive modeling, and natural language processing (NLP) to help the company improve its decision-making skills and overall business growth.

Why do Businesses Opt for Salesforce Einstein Analytics in their Line of Work?

Simple Data Visualizations:

Every business has tons of data collected in their storage (physical or virtual) which might remain useless unless an analytical tool uses it. Data visualization is a vital part of any business as it represents these data in a graphical format for easy understanding. However, presenting raw data in bar graphs or pie charts is meaningless, and so the platform will make sure that the data meets the business requirement to include it in the graphical form. The dashboard is the component of Einstein Analytics displaying visual charts to the users and will make them understand the link between every data featured in the graphs. The graphical representation provides actionable business insights like the areas to focus on, factors affecting customer behavior, and so on, helping them concentrate on strengthening their weaker sides.

Enhancing Decision-Making:

Vast amounts of data are extracted and stored in physical and visual servers, which can significantly impact if used correctly. The yearly statistical reports will provide the company essential information to conclude in terms of their overall growth. Depending on the final report, the organization has to decide on giving the best solution fulfilling the current needs of the business. The Einstein analytics can provide businesses with all the answers needed for improvements and deduce the solutions from the given information with powerful AI Augmented Analytics. It can predict the customer pattern and behavior with the available information and provide probable techniques and strategies to improve their customer base.

Valuable Sales Analytics:

The primary intention of any business is to boost its product or service sales through attractive marketing strategies and discount sales. Einstein Analytics can help a company know the daily updates on sales data, get alerts on a potential new opportunity for conversions and obtain updates on making necessary calls to superiors or customers. In this way, the organization can keep the workflow stable and have a scope for increasing their brand’s sales. The managers and HRs can verify the sale’s team performance on the dashboard and motivate the team that hasn’t reached the expected target.

The sales analytics can provide the analysis of the following factors:

  • Sales productivity and opportunity
  • Sales team performance
  • Business reviews
  • Performance of the lead source and by-product
  • Historical data analysis
  • Current customer trends
  • Customer behavior and pattern

Useful Service Analytics:

The second thought of any business is to provide the best customer service for gaining a loyal and long-lasting customer base. Einstein Analytics can give the company information such as feedback, surveys, reviews, and instant updates on customer calls. The managers can view the customer call and the case handling time in one place, enabling superiors to take a call on the areas of improvement and provide actionable solutions. The customer service is the face of the company as proper the response of the organization, higher the customer response for the business. Getting the trust of a customer is an essential part of conducting a successful business.

The services analytics can provide the analysis of the following aspects:

  • Customer calls per day
  • Service member’s handling time
  • Escalations
  • Backlog causes
  • Predictive customer satisfaction
  • Agent overall performance
  • Separate channel analytics
  • Case duration

Insightful Marketing Analytics:

The marketing strategies are the ultimate thought of any business as it is the process where you directly connect with your potential customers. Einstein Analytics can offer the predictive analysis of customer’s responses through AI Augmented data and provide the solution to improve customer engagement. The company can obtain actionable insights from the available data and execute them into the marketing techniques for attracting a significant number of people. The organization can understand the current customer trend using the analytical tool and invent strategies to exploit that information entirely.

The marketing analytics can offer the analysis of the following functions:

  • Marketing channels
  • Lead conversion rates
  • Customer trend analysis
  • Marketing campaign analysis
  • Business product’s marketing analysis

Various Benefits of Using Salesforce Einstein Analytics for Businesses of Any Size are:

  • The tool can easily extract data from any source and automate the intended actions with powerful in-built apps.
  • The Einstein Discovery feature will let you automatically analyze millions of rows and columns of data to get its predicted analytics.
  • The application allows you to understand the customer’s impulse by providing CRM data management that makes customers respond to the company’s products and services.
  • The platform can display the data in a visualized or graphical format on a single screen to enable businesses to understand the areas of improvisation needed quickly.
  • Einstein Analytics can provide valuable business insights, competitive analysis, predictive market trends, customer habits, and satisfaction, and the operations needing attention to the companies, helping them improve their overall business growth rate and productivity.


Running a successful business is not a piece of cake, but with advanced technology like Salesforce, the idea might seem quite possible. The various features of the technology have provided superiors to directly watch the performance of their team members and immediately indicate the areas needing attention, thus enabling them to run a tight ship with instant alerts and notifications. So, the innovative technology simplifies the work of many employees and managers. Most importantly, it provides the complete analytical package for running a successful business with precise prediction analysis and valuable insights. Know more about the Salesforce services and tools by consulting Micropyramid.




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