Set Up Travis CI For Django project

1 min readOct 28, 2017


Travis CI is a continuous integration service used to build and test applications hosted on GitHub. Travis CI supports integration with other tools such as coverage analyzers.

Why use Travis?

Travis CI runs your program’s tests every time you commit to GitHub. you can easily discover your code breaks. setting up Travis-ci is very easy.

To run tests in Travis you have to create “.travis.yml” file in root directory.

.travis.yml file for Django application.

language: python # => 1    python: # => 2      - "2.6"      - "2.7"    services: # => 3      - mysql    env: # => 4      -DJANGO=1.8 DB=mysql
install: # => 5
- pip install -r requirements.txt before_script: # => 6 - mysql -e 'create database test;' -u root
script: # => 7
- python test

Explanation for above comments:
1. By defining “language: python” application is developed in python language.
2. Test your application in multiple versions of python by defining versions in python hook settings
3. Define services required for your application ex: elastic search, radis, etc in services.
4. Specify your Django version and database to use.
5. install application requirements.
6. before_script: as name defines this commands will run before running your actual test cases.
7. command to run tests.

Add above file to your Django project and commit it to GitHub. Now check the build status in Travis-CI.

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